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New Valkyrie Skin Leaked In Game! New Fortnite Skins, Gliders, And Backblings!

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Fortnite Skins is a website where you can find all the skins or skins of Fortnite, in a very organized and categorized by their rarity, by the series in which they belong, prices in paVos, sex, and many other features that will allow you to know and discover all aspects of this incredible game.

Classification of Skins by rarity

In Fornite we can find 4 types of rarities which are:

  • Epic Skins
  • Legendary Skins
  • Uncommon skins
  • rare skins

Many people wonder what does the rarity of the skins in Fortnite mean, well in Fortnite the rarity of the skins basically represents the value in Turkeys and the frequency of appearance in the store, that is, the rarity of the skins does not determine that one is better or worse than another, for example a legendary rarity will not give you more advantage than using a skin of Epic rarity, but simply the rarity symbolizes a theme of exclusivity and price in turkeys.

Normally we relate the rarity of the appearance with the visual quality of the skin design, although this may be relatively true especially in the Epic and Legendary ones, let’s not forget that people have very different tastes and opinions, for some the visually loaded skins are not attractive at all, as for others the simplest ones are usually their favorites.

Anyway it is important to emphasize that the rarity of a skin does not make it better or worse because we can find aspects of a very good quality and with a very interesting style among those of uncommon rarity or rare rarity, the important thing here is to equip ourselves with the design that we like the most and that represents us the most.

Skins classification by series

Currently there are 10 types of special rarity classification which are:

  • Marvel Series
  • Dark Series
  • DC Series
  • Frozen Series
  • Video Game Legend Series
  • Lava Series
  • Shadow Series
  • Sorbet Series
  • Star Wars Series
  • Icon Series

Each series of skins explores a universe of very varied styles, each according to the theme that corresponds, for example the Marvel Series brings us a large number of skins of characters from the universe of comics, in which we can find skins of the size of Captain America or Knight Moon skin. In turn we have series of skins that do not belong to a different universe to Fortnite but that maintain a pattern which makes each skin of that series maintain very similar characteristics, as for example we find that all the skins of the Frozen Series maintain a blue color pattern and ice themed.

There is no doubt that the inclusion of skins by series was a great success by Epic Games, as they managed to group, in a very smart way, aspects for all tastes and for all kinds of players, with this they attracted a large number of new buyers who once dreamed of looking like their favorite comic book character or their favorite anime character in a shooter.

Classification of Skins by price

In Fortnite skins have a purchase value represented in Turkeys (V-Bucks) which is a currency specific to the game to purchase any item in the store, usually Fortnite skins have a “preset” value ranging from:

  • Skins of 800 Bucks
  • Skins of 1200 Bucks
  • Skins of 1500 Bucks
  • Skins of 2000 Bucks

The price of the skins doesn’t really determine the quality of the skin, a bit like what happens with the rarity rating where an Uncommon type can be as cool as an Epic type, however we can’t deny that the cheaper the skin is the less qualities it will have and the less coveted it will be by the community.

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