FIFA 23 – EA Sports Cup Semifinals and Final

After an incredible FIFA 23 quarter-finals, four best teams in the Cup were here and all of them have only one goal – to win the whole Tournament. The competition is strong, so you have to give your best.

Semifinals and the Grand Finale took place on January 18th.

 Semifinal #1: Complexity Gaming vs Fnatic

One of the most highly anticipated matchup in the Cup. Nobody was able to tell what would happen and who was going to win it.

Game started perfectly for Fnatic. They took an early advantage in the 18th minute of the game. Amazing header for 1:0. Complexity tried to bounce back, but until the half time the score was 2:0 for Fnatic.
Second half was full of tension, lot of chances missed, but at the end of the match Fnatic scored another goal and sealed the deal, 3:0.

Second game went without a drama and goals, so Fnatic were on their way into the Final.

Semifinal #2: Team FUTWIZ vs TG.NIP

Definitely the game you don’t want miss. The result was more uncertain than in the first semifinal. In the first game, both team created some good chances, and in the 15th minute FUTWIZ took the lead after a beautiful goal. The result at the half-time and at the end of the game remained the same, 1:0 for FUTWIZ.

Second game was more than amazing. TG.NIP knew they have to win this one if they want to make it to the Final. And it started perfectly for them, early goal in 14th minute, 1:0. Drama went on the whole game, but no result changes, so we went to extra-time and then penalties.

Even after missing first two penalties, TG.NIP didn’t lose their confidence, bounced back and went to the Final after beating FUTWIZ 3:2 in the penalty shootout.

Grand Finale: Fnatic vs TG.NIP

Game one lived up to expectations. Both teams played safe football, trying not to make a mistake that will give opponent a chance to score. Fnatic scored the first goal in 35th minute and took the lead at the half time. But just like in semifinals, TG.NIP threw it into high gear, played a lot better and scored three goals in the second half. Game one goes to TG.NIP three to one (3:1).

Second game Fnatic knew they have to score two goals to be tied in the Final. They started very offensive, but could not break through a great defense TG.NIP played. So both sides without a goal at the half time. Fnatic kept trying, but it was all over in 72nd minute when they conceded two goals, first in 72nd and then in 75th minute of the game.

Totally deserved, TG.NIP won EA Sports 2023 Cup. They earned prestigious title and a majority share of the USD $250,000 prize purse.

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