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Dota 2 – Patch 6.87 : NEW ITEM – Infused Raindrops

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It seems like only yesterday that we were predicting what Dota 2 patch 6.86 would bring after all that transpired at the Frankfurt Major. Last week the Shanghai Major took place and Valve has rushed to announce the next Major which will be in Manila from June 7 to June 12.

After the big Majors, many teams take the opportunity to make changes in order to offer a high level for future events. Teams begin to shuffle the possibilities they have and the MOBA community begins to speculate about the changes that will be in the teams and the changes that Valve will introduce in Dota 2.

With patch 6.86, IceFrog gave us one of the best patches they have done to date as this new patch allowed teams to perform various play styles, equally effective and without losing that touch of entertainment that games need. We saw the great Korean team, MVP Phoenix, surprising with a lot of aggressiveness in early game. We also saw Alliance playing their traditional passive but aggressive style at the right moments. We could see how Team Secret and Evil Geniuses gave a blow on the table and left the bar very high with their magnificent teamfights. Most teams need to define their strategies and patch 6.86 will help them perfectly.

This hero is not only extremely popular in the pro meta, but he is hot at all levels of the game. If you don’t pick him, try to ban him.
IceFrog seems to have gone a bit far with the handling of Enchantress. The hero, who is one of the strongest in the meta, has great ability to play the jungler role as well as the support role. With her untouchable and enchantment abilities she makes herself unkillable and also has a great ability to wreak havoc and manage to disable her enemies.
If you play against Enchantress, try to make a better early game until level 6 or else, you will have nothing to do against her. You won’t be able to kill her and her attacks, such as impulse, will take a quarter life per hit. The only champion that can put you in serious trouble is Black King Bar. He is the only champion that can get Enchantress out of the game.

The arrival of Abyssal Underlord

Valve has been hinting over the past few days that we will soon see the appearance of the hero Abyssal Underlord. With the release of the new champion Arc Warden, Abyssal Underlord is now shaping up to be the most original hero.At the end of Winter Battle Pass, the phrase ” Our advantage is diminishing, wake up the master” appears on our screen.

IceFrog usually does a very good job either with the patches or with the heroes that are coming out. We are sure that Abyssal Underlord will be available very soon. Abyssal Underlord has a very interesting feature. The hero can move his team to an objective. This feature is very useful if the teammates know how to use their skills well.

Adjustments in the middle lane

IceFrog seems to want to adjust the meta in relation to the center lane after Major. In patch 6.85 it was seen how Queen Of Pain was always picketed against Shadow Friend. In Shanghai, SF was not picketed once and QoP was picketed about six times at least. This meant that the matches became unfunny and boring.
Valve decided that Outworld and Invoker would be the strongest heroes for this patch and would serve as an alternative to the two previously named heroes. Death Prophet, another really strong hero became a really popular character for teams since he is very useful in early game and also in teamfights.
We would like to see the mid lane with a meta that offers the possibility to play great characters like Storm Spirit, who joined Shadow Friend in the list of heroes that would not be in Shanghai.
It’s hard to know which hero will dominate the midlane but in the future we will probably see Outworld and Invoker among the big choices for the mid lane.

Changes to the game

The last major patch, 6.86, saw the introduction of the new map. The new battlegrounds offer a guaranteed way to earn bonus points and farmeo. Offlane has always been heralded as the most dangerous mode. With an early Iron Talon, anyone can go and jungler to get to level three or four before returning to their lane and being ready to fight the enemy. It is worth noting, that in this new patch, champions that were not quite strong before, have now returned to the front line. These champions can be Chen, Enigma and Enchantress. The champions are characterized by exerting a higher pressure than the opponents and thus, taking down objectives such as turrets, more quickly in early game.

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i suggest sniper's scepter can got the ability that he won't show where he is( be dark) when he attacked people, and add 150 range.
for example:if enemy's vision is 300 and sniper's attack range is 400, when sniper hit the enemy he won't show where he is, unless sniper is close with enemy under 300 range or they got ward or track to sniper.
otherwies sniper dies that is too ez in every single game.

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