BIG: German eSports clan takes over women’s team

It’s a trend. More and more women have dedicated themselves to professional eSports. Meanwhile, the big eSports clans have also recognized the potential of women.

A few days ago, Germany’s best-known eSports association signed its first female team. The Berliners from BIG have integrated the Spanish-Portuguese team Equipa into their own family of players. In the future, the ladies will play their games under the label BIG Equipa.

Equipa: Already with the same line-up since 2020

Equipa has not only built up its own fan base in Spain and Portugal, but has also made some positive headlines in recent months. The team has been playing together since 2020 with an unchanged line-up. The team includes:

Aida ‘Aida’ Simão
Jennifer Irina ‘JennyR’ Brea Rodriguez
Ana ‘ZAna-th’ Queiroz
Aida ‘Aidy’ García Cortés
Marta ‘D7’ Asensio

At the side of the ladies is coach Jonathan ‘MusambaN1’ Torrent, who from now on will of course also be in the service of the Berlin clan.

Statements about the team takeover

For the Hispanic women, joining BIG is a huge success. The German e-sports association is particularly strong as a bear in Counter Strike, so the collaboration could not be more fitting.

“We have always believed that with hard work we can achieve good things. We want to represent BIG with great pride and are very happy to be a part of this family. They have made us feel welcome. BIG Equipa wants to assure everyone that we will continue to do our best and make our fans proud,” said team leader Aidy in her official statement.

BIG CGO Christian Lenz emphasized that he hopes more big eSports associations will follow the same path in the future. The more professional women’s teams are active, the better the gaming scene will become.

First BIG Equipa appearance in Dallas a success

The first days were spent by the Spanish-Portuguese ladies at BIG’s Berlin bootcamp. The training sessions have shown success, no question. The women’s team has already had its first competition under the new label. BIG Equipa took part in the ESL Impact at the DreamHack Festival in Dallas. The team had still brought the qualification from the European Division.

For the group opener the ladies clan lost with 12:16 against Black Dragons Fe. In the decisive elimination match the “New-Berliners” won 2:0 against Mindfreak, so that again a match against Black Dragon Fe had to decide about the playoff entry. BIG Equipa showed itself in top form and won the match quite safely with 2:0.

In the semifinals the women had to play against the later tournament winners. Against Nigma Galaxy Female BIG lost only narrowly with 1:2. The semi-final entry in Dallas was rewarded with a prize money of $ 13,000. Of course, this is how it should continue.

BIG – Berliners in several divisions

BIG has had a meteoric rise. The Berlin eSports association has been around since 2017. The clan participates with its teams and individual players in several eSports disciplines, specifically