CS:GO Ladies Tournament – ESL Impact

Women have been fighting for equal rights for over a century. Every day, many of them try to make the world a balanced place where both men and women will get equality of opportunity – including #Esports. We have women’s #Football, #Basketball, #Tennis, and women’s #Volleyball – so why not women’s esports?

Ladies can be quite lethal with a virtual #M4A4 or #AK47, and we often see videos where they actually wipe the floor with their male colleagues. Although many players consider getting beaten by a girl an embarrassment, their arrival on the esports scene is undeniable. We cannot ignore the fact that professional video games do not belong only to men anymore.

The Rise Of Women’s Esports

The expansion of women’s esports is something that we have been witnessing over the last decade, and more competitions that include the ladies are emerging as a result. One of the latest events introducing the ladies’ circuit is ESL Impact, organized by a well-known esports organization ESL Gaming.

The fact that this women’s esports tournament will be put together by none other than ESL Gaming speaks for itself, guaranteeing us that everything will be done with the highest industry standards, which will unquestionably serve as a great stepping stone towards building a strong reputation for women’s esports events.

The Financial Aspect

First, the whole tournament idea seems to be very well structured, as ESL Impact will consist of two seasons, an individual event, online cups, and live-broadcasted finals, with a prize pool of $500,000. This will be an incredible opportunity for all the CS:GO ladies to gain invaluable competition experience followed by an attractive paycheck.

Speaking about paychecks, the women’s esports players will not be the only ones to reap the benefits of this great expansion. New leagues mean many more matches, and more matches mean more betting opportunities waiting around the corner.

Considering that women’s esports hasn’t been on the scene as much as the men’s esports, that means many more undiscovered talents will possibly become legends of their generation. This may eventually lead to the future for younger female esports players who may conquer big tournaments and earn money for themselves and those who backed them.

The Future Is Bright

The streaming of women’s esports is expected to grow more than double in the next five years, which will bring more audience than ever before. The result will be better sponsorship deals, better terms, and conditions for the players’ contracts, and the faster development of the women’s gaming scene in general.

It will not be long until we get to see female players right up there with some of the biggest esports superstars like Elige, Dev1ce, Niko, and others, sharing the spotlight and reaping the rewards of their hard work. There is an old saying that talent is equally spread worldwide, but the opportunities are not, and women’s esports are trying to fix that one step at a time.