Riot Games plans weekly Valorant tournaments in 2023

Valorant is probably the strongest growing eSport discipline at the moment. A look at the bookmakers’ betting offers alone shows that Valorant can now keep up with all known eSports disciplines. The numbers of the bookmakers also prove that Valorant is also very popular with the betting community, not only with the players and the eSports organizations.

It is therefore not really surprising that Riot Games has already published its plans for the coming year. The game series are to become even more professional, broader and, above all, high-class. Riot Games is the developer of League of Legends, probably the best-known and most successful MOBA game. LOL has been played globally at a top league level since 2017. The developers now want to build on precisely this success with Valorant.

The Valorant eSport Plan 2023

The ambitious goal of Riot Games is to make Valorant the number 1 first-person shooter game. The eSport Plan 2023 includes the following points to achieve this:

  • Deep connection to the competitive in-game experience
  • Expanded national and Game Changers leagues
  • Brand new top-level international leagues
  • Global events that raise the bar

Basically, it can be said that the existing network of leagues will be expanded and linked internally. Furthermore, the company wants to expand the global main events and make them accessible to a wider eSports audience. As a result, the prize money for the top tournaments should also skyrocket in 2023. The competitions will become even more interesting for the teams.

The internal path to the pros

The most important, fundamental change will be introduced in the game itself. There will be a new competitive mode, in ranked form. Everyone should be able to enjoy the experience of the professional game. The top-ranked Valorant players will be able to qualify for their regional leagues and then go step-by-step to the pro level. With the new mode, Riot Games has provided the perfect template for existing teams to increase pro player potential.

Valorant Pro Series every week

Currently running the Valorant Champions Tour 2022, this is only the second edition of the game series ever. In 2023, according to Riot Games’ plans, the tour will be revamped once again. New league models for the top teams should be created. The Valorant games will then be played every week, always between the global offline main events. For betting fans, this means that on Valorant in the coming year can be bet literally non-stop. Every day games will be played at the absolute top level.

New Team Partnerships

In order to keep the Valorant leagues at the highest level, new team partnerships are already being formed. Riot Games is in the process of recruiting additional eSport clans for Valorant. The teams are to be convinced with even higher basic salaries and a comprehensively improved support system.

The interlocking of new players via the regional leagues as well as the integration of further eSport organizations should be the path to success.

Our forecast for the Valorant development

Riot Games has already proven with League of Legends that it can build a professional structure. We believe with Valorant the company will follow an identical path. The Valorant boom will really pick up speed again next year at the latest, combined with numerous new events and opportunities for eSports betting.