Esport Wiki – Glossary

(eSports) Betting Terms:

1-0-2 (1-X-2)

The 1 always describes the home team’s victory, the 2 always describes the away team’s victory, and the 0 describes a draw.

2-Way Bet (Two-way Bet)

The 2-way bet with a 50-50 chance, because there are only two possible outcomes, victory or defeat. It is only possible for games where there can be no draw like tennis, for example.

3-Way bet (Three-way Bet)

In the 3-way bet, there are three possible outcomes: victory, defeat or draw. Such a bet can be found in football, for example.

Accumulator (+3)

An Accumulator bet is a combined bet. The +3 stands for three different betting events, which must be combined with each other. The number behind the accumulator bet is arbitrary and can vary depending on the type of sport and bookmaker. Combined bets of 8 different games (+8) are not uncommon and must be combined from 8 different games.

American bets

In American betting, the guest team is usually named first.


An arbitrage describes a situation in which the player wins with 100% certainty, because the combination of different bets does not allow any other possibility. Such bets are also known as Surebets or Surewins.

Asian handicap

The Asian Handicap bet, as its name suggests, comes from the Far East and is becoming increasingly popular in this country. In the Asian handicap bet, there are only two outcomes, victory or defeat. This is because the presumed weaker opponent is awarded a handicap, for example in football the handicap can be 1 goal or 2 goals.


The outsider is the player/athlete or the team which, according to the statistics, is classified as weaker.


The payout is the distribution of winnings after a winning bet.


Word for bet.


A bonus is often credited in conjunction with a deposit and is usually aimed at new customers. Existing customers also benefit from bonuses from time to time. A deposit bonus is always granted when a deposit is made. A sign-up bonus is usually only a few euros and is given just for registering with the bookie. A Reload Bonus is similar to the deposit bonus, and rewards another deposit with a bonus credit. In this case it is not the first deposit, but a later one.


Word for bookmakers and betting provider.


The bookmaker is the provider of (sports) betting, with whom one can place bets.

CVC2 – Card Verification Code

The CVC2 code is the three-digit number on the back of the credit card that is requested for verification.

Double chance

With the Double Chance betting option, you can bet on two different outcomes, for example Victory and Remi. This increases the chance of winning.


The deposit is a payment to the bookmaker credited to the betting account.

Single bet (TOP bet)

In the case of a single bet, you can only bet on one outcome, victory, defeat or draw.

outcome bet

The outcome bet is not based on the outcome of the match, but on the exact result. In football, for example, you could bet on the result Bayern Munich vs Dortmund – 3:1. If this exact result is achieved, you win. With eSport you can often bet on X number of won maps won. (Lol, Dota 2).


The favourite is the expected winner, based on statistics. If you bet the expected winner, you have placed a favourite bet.

Profit / Winnings

If you bet on the right outcome of an encounter, you win. The amount of the profit depends on the stake multiplied by the odds.

Half-time/end of game bet

This type of bet is based on two outcomes, the first being the state at halftime and the second the state after the match. Example: 1/x stands for the lead at halftime and Remi after finishing.

Handicap (handicap bet)

Similar to the Asian handicap bet, the handicap bet gives an opponent an advantage, which has to be offset against the real result at the end of the match.

Head to Head

The head-to-head bet is a direct comparison of two players/athletes. For example, you can choose two drivers in Formula 1 and compare them directly with each other. You can adapt this to eSport in the FIFA competitions section.

Combination bet (combination bet)

The combination bet is the combination of several bets. This increases not only the chance of winning, but also the risk, as all results must reflect exactly the bets placed. However, in the case of a win, winnings are much higher than with a single bet, as the odds of the individual bets multiply the total odds.

Long-Term /Future Bet

The long-term bet is based on the outcome of an event that lies in the distant future, for example betting at the beginning of the football season who will win the championship. With eSport, for example, you could bet on the winner at the beginning of a major event.

Last Minute Bet

As the name suggests, the last minute bet is placed on the outcome shortly before the start of the match.

Live Betting

Live bets are bets that can be placed during a match.


Word for Odds.

Over & Under (Totals)

In Over & Under betting, you don’t bet on the concrete outcome of a match, but rather, for example in football, on whether more (over) or less (under) than x goals in total will be scored. This option can also be offered on League of Legends by betting on the number of maps won.


Word for a sports better.

Fixed Odds

The odds are fixed by the bookmaker at the time of betting, rather than being fluid.

Odds list

The odds list catalogues all odds for the games and events of the day.

Odds Comparison

In order to place the best possible bet and get the highest possible return, you should compare the odds of different betting providers.

Regular playing time (90 minutes)

If you bet on regular time, you only bet on the result after the regular time, for example after 90 minutes in football. Should further goals be scored in extra time or during the penalty shootout, they will not affect the bet. The bet would be lost!

Outcome Bets / Exact Score Bets

The outcome or exact score bet is based on the exact result of a match. Since it is very difficult to predict the exact outcome, these bets usually have much higher odds and therefore much higher winnings.

Return / ROI

Return on investment or gain. In this case, the winnings are issued as a percentage of the stakes.

Victory Bet (winner bet)

The winner bet is based on the overall winner of an event, for example the winner of a World Cup or European Championship.

Single bet

Word for single bet.


Word for wager.


Word for safe bet. If you place bets on the same event at different providers, a win is guaranteed.

System Bet

A system bet combines different bets and their odds. This also makes it possible to make a profit, even if individual bets are lost. For example, 3 out of 5 results must be correctly predicted in a 3/5 system bet. On the other hand, there are also combined bets, in which all results betted on must be correct.


The trend indicates the probability with which different results will occur. For example, 4-4-2 stands for a 40% chance of victory and remi, 20% for defeat.

Trend Bet

The trend or tendency bet is based on the winner of a match, or a draw. 1 stands for the home team’s victory, x for a draw and 2 for the guest team’s victory.


A tipster is a specialist in a particular sport who predicts results and makes their tips publicly available.

Goal Bet

The term goal bet is used for two different types of bets. On the one hand, it is the same as the result bet, on the other hand, you actually bet on the number of goals, or on the goal scorers.

Underdog (Dog)

Word for outsider.


Word for bet.

Betting Exchange

The betting exchange acts as a trustee between two parties in a bet. For example, two friends bet on different outcomes for an encounter. In this dispute, a neutral third party is required to accept the bets and distribute the winnings fairly at the end of the game.
The betting exchange is not a bookmaker, but a private person, therefore the odds can be determined by the betting exchange itself.

Betting Shop

The bookmaker is known as the betting shop, which can be both online and offline.

Odds (quota)

The profit is based on the odds multiplied by the stake. Low odds indicate favourites, high odds for outsiders.


The Yankee bet is a system bet. You make 4 selections and place 11 bets. Six double combinations, four treble combinations, one four-fold combination. You win if at least two bets are correct.

Betting Options:


  • Map Betting: In a map bet, you can bet on a single map and its winner. When LOL is played in the best-of mode, it’s all about a team winning several maps to win the overall game.
  • Handicap betting: In a handicap bet, the assumed favourite gets a disadvantage right at the beginning, which he has to catch up on during the game and still win.
  • First Killing Bet: The “first kill” bet is simply betting on the team that destroys a tower or inhibitor first.


  • Exact result of the game: As the name says, the exact result of the game must be predicted in this case.
  • Over or under bet: In this bet, the bookmaker gives a number, and the punter bets whether the bookmaker is right or wrong. Example: The bookmaker says Team A wins 2 or more maps. You decide whether this is true (over bet) or not (under bet).
  • First tower destruction: Which team will destroy a tower first?


  • Knife Round: In this bet, the teams have only knives as weapons, betting on the first round of a map.
  • Round or match handicap: In this bet, the winner of a round or match must be predicted, the favourite player starts the game with a disadvantage.
  • Map betting: Usually best of three or best of five is played. You bet on a certain map that your team has to win.


  • Group Winner Betting: You bet on the winner within a group of a tournament.
  • Tournament Winner Betting: All group winners advance to the next round, now you bet on the winner of the entire tournament.


  • Winner bet: You bet on the winner of the match.
  • Map Betting: In a map bet, you bet on the winner of one or more maps that are decided in a best-of mode.


  • Over/under betting: The bookmaker specifies a number, for example how many maps will be played in best-of mode. If you agree, you bet on the over bet, if you think the bookmaker is wrong, you bet on the under bet.
  • Overall winner: You bet on the overall winner of the tournament.


  • Exact Score: In this bet, you must predict the exact number of points with which a team will win a map.
  • First kill: In this bet, you’re betting on a team’s first kill.


  • Goal betting: There are many different types of goal bets, for example, you can bet on who scores the first or last goal, on how many goals will be scored in total or in which minute a goal will be scored. The latter is very risky.
  • Lead bet: Here you bet on which goal difference will decide the game.
  • Tournament Winner Bet: This is a bet on your favourite who, in your opinion, will win the tournament.


  • Winner bet: This is a simple bet on the winner.
  • Map betting: As in many other games, this bet is placed on one or more maps in the best-of mode.

Clash Royale

  • First Turret Destruction: Bet on which player first destroys the enemy turret, a 50:50 chance.
  • Handicap betting: The favourite of the game starts with a disadvantage. He must catch up and be victorious to win your bet.
  • Tournament winner: Here you bet on the winner in a classic way.

Gamers terms:


Stands for away from keyboard and is always said or typed by players when they have to leave their place in front of the PC for a moment.

brain afk

This term is used for players who make mistakes in the game because they simply don’t concentrate enough. In commentary the commentator says that the player has just made a huge mistake, which should not happen to a professional in a competition!


Stands for be right back and is always used when someone has to leave quickly, but will be back soon.


A player who cheats and thus gains an advantage over others.


In the case of first-person shooters, this refers to killing other players. Alternatively, moderators in live streams also typically use the term´kills´.


Comes from the word “imbalanced” and expresses that a particular player or his skills are disproportionately strong compared to others. Often used in commentary to describe the superiority of a player or team.

kill streak

Often used in first-person shooters like CoD when a player kills many enemies in a row without being hit.


A lag is a delay in the game, usually caused by a bad internet connection or a weak PC. Through lags, players are often left behind or can even be killed without a chance to react. Also used by rather bad players as an excuse for a brain afk!

rage quit

Describes a player who leaves the game angry and upset because someone or something has upset him or because he has lost. Some players even remove the network plug (rage plug) or simply turn off the PC.


Abbreviation for “We owned the other team”. It is always used as an exclamation whenever you are extremely happy that you have won, or if you have gained especially good loot.


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