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Introductory Guide to Surebetting

A surebet, just as the name suggests, is a sure bet. It's a guaranteed way to make money out of betting, but it's not exactly a sure win. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying to you. Yes, you can make money surebetting, but as far as it being a can't-miss opportunity and miracle method, sure betting definitely is not. Like any other method of betting, it has its own merits and cons.

What Is Surebetting?

For every event you're betting on, there are always at least two sure possible outcomes and odds offered for each one. A surebet opportunity is born when both odds are high enough that if you take the calculated risk of betting on both outcomes, you'll make profit or at the very least, break even, regardless of whatever happens.

An opportunity to surebet arises when betting companies have different views regarding the outcomes of a particular event. Or, put simply, have different odds to reflect the probably outcomes. If you ever come across bookmakers who disagree with the odds with a large enough difference, you might just have yourself a chance to surebet.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? In a perfect world, it would be. The only problem is that bookmakers are careful enough to prevent surebetting. They will always make sure that they never offer two odds that allow for surebetting. This is a smart decision. If they were not as careful, they would lose a lot of money in just a few seconds. Instead, what they do is that they are always out for your money; they want you to try and game them, which often ends up with you having little to no money left. If you think you can make profit by backing the favourites and underdogs to win, then you're dead wrong.

But, there's not only a single bookmaker out there, isn't there? Because of how big betting is these days, even if in a budding industry such as esports, you can always compare odds from different betting companies for the same event. Since they have different views, or in some cases made an error, the odds for betting companies will usually differ. Now, this doesn't mean that a favourite in one bookmaker becomes an underdog with another. The underdogs and favourites are most likely to remain the same across betting sites. The only difference is the odds that they are offering.

Placing Surebets

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2-way system
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3-way system
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Amount to bet

To make things easier to understand, let's make a hypothetical situation:
Let's say, Bookie A puts Team A at 1.48 decimal odds to win whereas Bookie B thinks that Team A's chances to win are at 1.36 decimal odds. As a result, the decimal odds on Team B could also change between the two bookies. Usually, what will happen is that the underdogs will see betting odds somewhere between 2.75 and 3.25 decimal odds respectively. If you do the math, there's a huge that betting on Team A with Bookie A while betting on Team B on Bookie B could make you a bit of profit, regardless of who ends up winning.

As shown in our example, however, there's very little difference between the odds set between bookmakers. Profit typically range only between 1% and 10% profit, which isn't much at first glance. But, if you do it consistently enough, you could find yourself making some serious money. The only problem here is that for you to win big, you also have to bet big. While the growing number of odds comparison sites can help you find opportunities to surebet, it also goes the other way around. Bookmakers themselves could use such sites to spot any mistakes they may have made when calculating the odds and identifying those that are drastically different from the others.

Put simply, surebetting is not as profitable as it is today as it once was many years ago. Then again, because there are a bevy of betting options to choose from today, you could argue that there's also far more opportunity to surebet, especially in a budding industry such as esports. If you do a quick search online, you'll find that there are literally dozens if not hundreds of trustworthy and reputable bookmakers. Because of this, it's near impossible for each of the bookmakers to arrive at the same odds. And, even if this did happen, you can always move on to another bookmaker to see if you can make bank from the odds that they are offering.

What Is A Surebet Calculator?

Surebetting is a painstakingly complicated process if you had to do it manually. The typical process usually involves using an odds comparison site to find sporting events with two different outcomes and finding the highest odds available for each outcome from different bookmakers. Then, you have to manually calculate whether the odds make for a great opportunity to surebet, or if you're better off skipping them entirely. If the opportunity is there, you now have to calculate how much you're going to bet on each bookmaker to make profit.

Lucky for you, you don't have to do everything on your own anymore. Surebet calculators, such as the one offered by EsportsBonus, can help streamline the process by evaluating the risk for you and giving you exactly the right amount to bet to make bank.

Here's how you can use surebet calculators to help you make bank:

Step 1: On the cell at the top of the calculator, enter the amount of money that you wish to bet on your surebetting venture. While there's minimal risk in surebetting because there's guaranteed profit (no matter how little it is), you don't want to put all of your eggs in one basket. It's best to split your entire bank across multiple surebets.

Step 2: Navigate your way to the 2-way system or 3-way system cells and enter the best odds available for each possible outcome. We'll talk more later on how the 2-way system or 3-way system works.

Step 3: Pay attention to the Profit cells. Are they in the negative? If they are, then there is no opportunity for you to make money, which means you'll have to look for other odds first. If they are positive, however, then you now have a chance to make some risk-free money.

Step 4: Once you've found your shot, the Amount to bet cells will tell you just how much you need to place on each odds to make bank, while the Profit cell will tell you just how much money you'll be making. If you want to make more money, you can either look for better odds (harder) or bet more money.

2-Way System and 3-Way System Explained

As you may have noticed, there are two systems in place with our calculator: 2-way and 3-way. Below, we're going to explain each one.

Surebetting - 2-Way System:

When placing a bet on a particular esports match, you know that there can only be two possible outcomes. If you're betting on the winners, it's either Team A wins or Team B wins. There is no draw. Unless, of course, the format allows for it, but that very rarely is the case. In any case, if the odds vary enough between two or more bookmakers, then you might get something like this:

Bookie 1: Team A to win at 2.15 decimal odds
Bookie 2: Team B to win at 1.95 decimal odds

Here's a breakdown of how that would turn out with a $100 USD pot:

By putting exactly $47.56 USD on Team A to win at 2.15 decimal odds via Bookie 1 and $52.44 USD on Team B to win at 1.95 odds via Bookie 2, you'll make $2.25 USD.

So, regardless of whoever ends up winning, you'll have made a profit of 2% from your $100 USD investment.

Surebetting - 3-Way System:

As shown in our previous example, it's possible to make risk-free profit in 2-way bets. However, it is also possible in esports to bet on three different outcomes, albeit only in very rare cases. The same process of looking for odds variants from different bookies applies. The only difference is the addition of another option.

Here's an example:
Bookie 1: Team A to win at 14.00 decimal odds
Bookie 2: To draw at 8.00 decimal odds
Bookie 3: Team B to win at 1.30 decimal odds

Using these numbers, we place our $100 USD again:

We place $7.40 USD on Team A to win at 14.00 odds using Bookie 1, $12.94 USD to draw on 8.00 odds using Bookie 2 and finally, place the rest of our pot, all $79.66 USD of it, on Team B to win at 1.30 odds using Bookie 3. All in all, we'll end up with a profit of somewhere around $3.52 to $3.56, depending on how the game goes.

Is Surebetting Worth It?

Yes, it is. But, that mainly depends on how much money you're thinking of making. If you think that you're going to make tons of cash from it, move on. Unless you devote a lot of your time and money looking for odds variation that favor surebetting, you're not going to be rolling in cash anytime soon. But, if you're willing to put in the effort, who knows?

There are also a few problems with surebetting, namely:

  1. There's very limited opportunity to surebet. Bookmakers often correct odds immediately as soon as they notice discrepancies. If you're lucky, you'll have 15 minutes to place your bets on a surebet opportunity before it disappears.
  2. There's also the problem of making very little profit. You'll seldom make more than 3% of your investment. Often, you'll end up making around just 1% to 2%. Sure, you're sure to gain money from it, but to really make bank, you have to justify investing a lot of your capital each time an opportunity presents itself.
  3. Your bets won't always be accepted as well, especially when you're investing a lot of money. Some betting sites will require for your bets to be checked and waved by a manager first. If it's not approved, then your bet will not be accepted, and by then, it may be too late to pull out your other bets.

Ultimately, though, if you see an opportunity to surebet, take it. It's not often that the opportunity presents itself, so why not make the most out of it. Those little amounts of profit can add up in time if you're smart with your capital.

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