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Starcraft 2 – My Best Nuke Ever


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In Starcraft 2, as in the first part, there is a single player mode. In this mode you play the campaigns of the individual races. You will find the individual missions of the campaigns, which we summarize as a walkthrough.

All three campaigns will be released as single games. These will be released in intervals of about 1-2 years and have the following titles.

Wings of Liberty – Terran Campaign
Heart of the Swarm – Zerg Campaign
Legacy of the Void – Protoss Campaign

All three campaigns have a story mode and a game mode. In the story mode, as you know it from role-playing games, you play from the point of view of a character, e.g. Jim Raynor, with whom you get information about planets, units or the story. Here you’ll also make important decisions that will determine the course of the game’s story. It can happen that you only see some cutscenes if you have completed a certain mission sequence. You can also postpone some missions and complete them later. There are also decisions in the story mode that have an effect on the missions. You decide which units will be used for a particular mission. The missions are designed so that you can complete them using different tactics.

Story (Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty)
The story of StarCraft II Wings of Liberty continues the saga and takes place four years after the events of StarCraft: Brood War. The storyline features familiar characters such as Jim Raynor or Kerrigan, but new heroes such as Tychus J. Findlay or Matt Horner also play a role.

However, the campaigns of the three races are completely different. In Wings of Liberty you have to earn money through missions to reinforce your troops. As far as the story is concerned, you are Jim Raynor with the Raynor Raiders fighting against the League. The Zerg, on the other hand, have no money problems and there is no need to buy expensive technologies. The Zerg campaign itself is more role-playing oriented and you act from Kerrigan’s point of view. The Protoss campaign is mainly about diplomacy.

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Why did you immediately pause so you could talk. You could have let the replay keep running so we could see if the say something, or if one of them leaves immediately. Also you should have clicked on the ghost so we could see how many kills it has.

lol, we did win. In fact I paused it because after that i was so excited i meant to send a message to my teammate saying "NICE NICE NICE!" and I accidentally hit a button that sent it to "All" and ended up saying it was an accident ><

Completely unnecessary commentary. The title says that it's a video of a successful nuke, the description says that it's a successful nuke, and the gameplay indicates that it's a successful nuke. I don't need your mouthbreather voice telling me "this is a nuke landing".


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