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Sniper Dota 2 MOMENT : bye sniper

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Sniper (Dota 2)

Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper, is an agility hero from DotA and Dota 2. The Sniper is a ranged combat unit of the Radiant. In the game, he can take on the role of a Carry. Sniper’s abilities make him one of the deadliest ranged fighters in the game. Even though his Shrapnel ability does little damage and has a small area of effect, it can damage buildings, slow down enemies and reveal the target area. The passive ability Headshot can deal additional damage and mini-stuns to enemies, while Take Aim permanently increases Sniper’s own range, giving him the highest range in the game. His Ultimate Assassinate has a massive range and is great for preventing enemy heroes who are badly wounded from escaping. Due to Assassinate’s short cooldown, Sniper can get kills in a short amount of time, even from the longest range, or at least severely wound enemies and force them to retreat. You cannot improve Sniper’s Ultimate with Aghanim’s Scepter. Moreover, the Sniper appears as the second playable hero in the Dota 2 tutorial. After completing the tutorial, you also get the complete Gunslinger set for the Sniper.


Death from a distance is Sniper’s specialty. He keeps his enemies on their toes with a steady barrage of firepower, and then, when the time is right, picks them off with a kill shot.


“Kardel Sharpeye was born deep in the mountains of Knollen, where the Keen people have lived since ancient times by hunting the strange Steepstalkers that dwell in rocks above their village. They hunt them from afar and pick up their carcasses where they fall. Sharpeye was one of the best of this peculiar people, for whom projectile weapons are just another limb and shooting is as normal as touching.

On the day of his calling to become a full-fledged member of his village, Sharpeye chose the age-old test: a single shot from the bottom of the valley to bring down a beast in the cliffs. A miss meant dishonor. The whole village watched as Sharpeye fired. A Steepstalker fell to the ground, and the crowd cheered. But when the carcass was recovered, the people fell silent, for the elders noted that the bullet pierced its gleaming middle eye and then lodged in the Steepstalker’s jaw. This ominous mark corresponded to the wording of a dark prophecy that foretold greatness and banishment for the shooter. Sharpeye the Sniper was therefore forced, by his own abilities, to separate himself from his people and would be unwelcome until he fulfilled the rest of the prophecy and achieved great renown on the battlefield.”

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You are missing an important part of the video. She used Fae Grenade on Sniper and got vision on him so she can continue to hit across the map .

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